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The machine shop at wilmingtonironworks.com

Wilmington Iron Works is proud to be the oldest complete machining facility in the Los Angeles Harbor region. Our shop boasts a wide variety of equipment, including:

  • Multiple standard lathes
  • Vertical turret lathe
  • Horizontal boring mill
  • Ironworker
  • Vertical and horizontal saws
  • Multiple drill presses
  • Waterjet machine
  • We also offer an unusual long-bar capacity of up to 30 feet.

With one of the largest Vertical Turret Lathes in the area, WIW has the unique capability of turning or boring any part up to 55” in diameter.  Additionally, with one of the biggest lathes, we can accommodate shaft straightening/machining up to 36” in diameter and 30’ long.


Waterjet cutting services at wilmingtonironworks.com

WIW's water jet machine cuts precision pieces from virtually any material, eliminating the need for secondary machining, thus reducing overall cost to our customers.

  • Computer-programmed two dimensional shape-cutting system that will cut material up to 4" thick, and 6 x 10' wide
  • Will cut through metal, wood, granite, quartz, plastic- virtually ANY material
  • Design services available

Examples of just some of the things our customers have had us waterjet cut:

  • Bolt Patterns
  • Signs
  • Logos
  • Gussets
  • Tabs
  • Flanges
  • Address Numbers
  • Letters

Come and see what the waterjet machine can do for you today!

Propeller Shafts

Propeller shaft repair and reconditioning at wilmingtonironworks.com

PROPELLER SHAFT REPAIR & RECONDITIONING: If you have an existing propeller shaft that is damaged or old, our primary goal is to rework it, using age-old specialty techniques, to make it new again. We save our customers money by reconditioning whenever it is possible, instead of replacing. With two automated clad welding machines, we can quickly repair worn or corroded bearing journals and/or seal areas. With all of our shafts straightened in house, WIW can ensure total indicated run outs on any shaft within .005” of an inch.

When replacement is the only option, we stock a wide range of the highest quality shafting material, along with most major transmission manufacturer companion flanges. Computerized shaft calculations are available upon request.

PROPELLER SHAFT FABRICATION: With quick turn-around time, our expert machinists will fabricate your new propeller shaft from the highest quality materials available. We can fabricate absolutely any shaft up to 36 inches in diameter and up to 30 feet long. Machined to SAE standards with filleted keyways, your shaft will come standard with new nuts, keys, and pin. Installation and facing of the coupling is included at no additional charge. Any special tapers, installation of muff couplings, or problems with existing couplings can be accommodated.


Welding/Repair/Fabrication Services at wilmingtonironworks.com

With a collaborating staff of machinists, welders, and designers, Wilmington Iron Works has provided expert industrial repair and fabrication services for over 90 years. Our extensive portfolio includes projects for the construction industry, commercial and recreational boating industries, the entertainment industry,  local and national theme parks, residential and commercial decor, and much, much more. No project is too big or too small.


Creative fabrication services at WilmingtonIronWorks.com

We have had many opportunities over the years to explore our artistic side at WIW. Our commissioned decorative projects run the gamut: furniture, wall decor, decorative garden structures, art installments, jewelry, signage, and too many others to name. We are limited only by our clients' imaginations.